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Tri-State Fertilizer Terminal

The Tri-State Fertilizer Terminal is a joint venture between Farmer’s Union Oil of Southern Valley and Minn-Kota Ag Products. This terminal can produce large amounts of fertilizer and create precise fertilizer blends to promote positive soil health and crop nutrition for growers.

Since the terminal was built in 2004 in Fairmount, ND, the 30,000 tons of storage has become valuable, especially with the volatility of the industry and unpredictable weather. The terminal can unload 800 tons per hour and receive unit train quantities of fertilizer off the CP rail system. This large storage capacity is a direct benefit to growers because it provides them assurance that their product will be available when it’s needed at a more competitive price.

The Tri-State Fertilizer Terminal is also equipped with four stainless steel blenders that can blend and load over 500 tons per hour. Our blenders can handle multiple products, and they can impregnate preemergence chemical and/or liquid fertilizer enhancers.

These blending capabilities were designed to benefit growers who are already blending their fertilizer product and want to spread it in their fields as soon as possible. The terminal uses the Kahler Automation system to ensure that the most precise blending capabilities are used and to accurately track inventory.

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